May 15th, 2019

Sales Post!

-All PKMNCollectors rules apply
-Sales permission granted on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.
-I will not sell to non/banned PKMNCollectors members
-My feedback link is
-I leave feedback after mailing your item, please leave me feedback when it arrives!
-All prices are in USD and I am located in the United States
-I currently do not ship internationally :(
-Will only accept currency via paypal
-Commitments take priority over quotes
-Haggling is acceptable but only on items marked OBO
-I will hold items for those who are committed for up to 48 hours by default, any longer and you'll need to arrange something with me.
-I come from a smoke-free, pet-free home (aside from pet mice, but they aren't allowed near the plushies!)
-I ship with USPS and try to reuse materials when I can.
-I am not responsible for lost packages.
-I live right near a store that has a post office in it, so I usually ship either the day of or the day after recieving payment!

Take all the LOL items for $5

Furby $2

3 small pikimi pops $5

Big pikmi pop $5

Webkinz purple raccoon $5

Webkinz signature yellow lab $10

Overcast cherrim: $3

Cherrim jacks plush: $3

Small purrloin: $3

Pokecen purrloin: $7

Talking pachiresu: $5

Tomy Oshawott: $5

Banpresto Oshawott: $10

Pidove: $3

Banpresto Cherubi: $5

Flats Bag - $5 OBO
Cherrim throwball - $5

Bag on the left - $5

Bag on the right - $10

Cherrim GET Figure - $5

Stunky GET Figure - $5

Pachiresu: $1

Loose Cherrim Figures - $2 each

Sugar Bunny Lot - $15 OBO

Gregory Horror Show Game: $5

Old IPad Bluetooth Keyboard: ??? obo

Girlscout Uniform $5

All free with purchase!

Dialga (missing back piece) $5

Take all perler sprites for $10 OBO

Bobble oshawott figure $1

TFG chimchar $5

Take them all for $10

Genesect $12 obo

Togepi (heavy) (vibrates) $7

Oshawott $3

Purrloin $3

Talking chimchar $5

zoura $5

Duskull $5

All free with purchase!

Wishlist! (WIP)


Sleeping Snivy

Y'all don't understand how long I've had my eyes on this gal. I have the other two giant sleeping starters, I just.. need this one to complete the trio. Someday..

Detective Pikachu Trainer Sized Plush
Image for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu Plush - 16 In. from Pokemon Center

PMD Plushies/anything..

shopping.jpegImage result for pokemon mystery dungeon plush

Pretty much any of them I'd be so thrilled to own, but these are my favorites.



I can't stress just how much I love the canvas line. I'm specifically after Azelf and Uxie!

But they're all so perfect. Here are the ones I already own:

-Shaymin, Mespirit, Driftloon, Purrloin, Shinx, Cherrim


Image for Spearow Sitting Cuties Plush - 5 ½ In. from Pokemon CenterImage for Venonat Sitting Cuties Plush - 5 In. from Pokemon CenterImage for Shellder Sitting Cuties Plush - 5 In. from Pokemon Center

These Pokemon Fit plushies!

Image for Jigglypuff Squishy Plush - 15 ¾ In. from Pokemon Center
any of the squishy/mofu plush